So many IDO’s have come our way that genuinely struggle with creating lasting value for their token holders, and just see their prices drive towards zero over time. Case in point -> BabyDoge Coin.

I hate to say it, given the cute baby puppy mascot, but the project really needs to address the massively inflationary nature of their token. Simply holding the coin, one will earn rewards in the form of automatically distributed dividends that settle into your wallet without having to lift a finger. The only trouble is the declining value of the coin has far outpaced the issuance of coins to the community. At this point, it’s a self-fulfilling privacy and race to zero. Glad I only put in a few bucks 😬.

According to, the value of BabyDoge Coin has dropped almost 86% since the beginning of July:

We all love the mission but’s difficult to get behind a coin that rapidly loses value. Why not just make that donation to a charity directly? 

Learning from the shortcomings of this model. The team at Baby Alpaca has devised a clever mechanism to reward its community -> they will distribute dividends in the form of a parent (pun intended) token: $ALPACA. Rather than inflate their own coin’s value, their tokenomics are set to purchase and distribute $ALPACA rewards to holders. What a remarkable fix, and what an awesome coin to get in on as a reward incentive. I’ve written about Alpaca previously and helped call their recent pump to just bast $1.70, which I still believe is just a small glimpse into their bright future.


Speaking about a glimpse into a bright future, Baby Alpaca has just released their IDO today over on PolyPlay – it’s selling out pretty quick and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some. Distributing rewards in a different token completely takes the inflation issue out of the equation for this new coin and that’s just the start. In the next couple of months, they will expand their community offering to include a BabyALPACA journey Unity game which is P2E with NFT and token rewards! 

This is literally on the ground floor of a new model for crypto community gaming, rewards and NFT’s all supporting and sustaining an ecosystem. Further partnerships will. 

More to come in the near future and I’d highly recommend attending tomorrow’s AMA session where the full team behind the project will be introduced and will help share their vision for community success!